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  1. humoristi

  1. Substantiivi

humorist englanniksi

  1. Someone who believes that health and temperament are determined by bodily humours; a humoralist. (defdate)

  2. Someone subject to whims or fancies; an eccentric. (defdate)

  3. *1751, (w), ''The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle'', vol. III, ch. 88:

  4. She and the duke used to rally me upon my fondness for lord W—m, who was a sort of an humourist, and apt to be in a pet, in which case he would leave the company, and go to bed by seven o'clock in the evening.
  5. *1792, (w), in Danziger & Brady (eds.), ''Boswell: The Great Biographer'' (Journals 1789–1795), Yale 1989, p. 175:

  6. I called on him and found him a contemporary of Beauclerk and Langton at Trinity College, Oxford, and a man of reading and animation, but a kind of humourist.
  7. A humorous or witty person, especially someone skilled in humorous writing or performance. (defdate)

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  9. One who studies or portrays the humours of people.

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