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hub englannista suomeksi

  1. keskipiste

  2. napa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. keskiö, pyörännapa, napa

  3. solmukohta, solmu

  4. keskitin

  5. Verbi

hub englanniksi

  1. The central part, usually cylindrical, of a wheel; the nave.

  2. 2011, Rebekah Modrak, ‎Bill Anthes, ''Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice''

  3. If you need to reload film, the cassette can be rewound slightly by turning the hub located on one end of its spool.
  4. A point where many routes meet and traffic is distributed, dispensed or diverted.

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  7. A central facility providing a range of related services, such as a medical hub or an educational hub

  8. A computer networking device connecting several Ethernet ports. See (m).

  9. A stake with a nail in it, used to mark a temporary point.

  10. A male weasel; a buck; a dog; a jack.

  11. A rough protuberance or projecting obstruction.

  12. An area in a game from which individual levels are accessed.

  13. 2014, Julian Hazeldine, ''Speedrun: The Unauthorised History of Sonic The Hedgehog'' (page 47)

  14. In a break with tradition, these levels are tackled in any order, with the next act chosen from a semi-random selection machine located in the game's hub area.
  15. A goal or mark at which quoits, etc., are thrown.

  16. A hardened, engraved steel punch for impressing a device upon a die, used in coining, etc.

  17. A hob.

  18. A block for scotching a wheel.

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  20. hub (transport, computing)

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  22. hub

  23. a clay pot or vase, especially as used for storing food or water