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horn englannista suomeksi

  1. sarvi

  2. torvi

  3. sarviaine

  4. pilli

  5. puskea sarvella

  6. merkinantotorvi, signaalitorvi, äänitorvi

  7. satulannuppi

  8. tööttäys

  1. Substantiivi

  2. sarvi

  3. torvi, puhallin, puhallinsoitin

  4. torvi

  5. torvi, äänitorvi, töötti colloquial, riikkari slang

  6. luuri

  7. stondis, kanki

  8. niemi, sarvi

  9. hipsu, väkänen

  10. Verbi

horn englanniksi

  1. (senseid) A hard growth of keratin that protrudes from the top of the head of certain animals, usually paired.

  2. Any similar real or imaginary growth or projection such as the elongated tusk of a narwhal, the eyestalk of a snail, the pointed growth on the nose of a rhinoceros, or the hornlike projection on the head of a demon or similar.

  3. (senseid) An antler.

  4. (senseid) The hard substance from which animals' horns are made, sometimes used by man as a material for making various objects.

  5. (syn)


  6. An object whose shape resembles a horn, such as cornucopia, the point of an anvil, or a vessel for gunpowder or liquid.

  7. (RQ:Thomson Winter)

  8. 1775, (w), ''The Poems of Mr. Gray. To which are prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Writings by W. Mason.''

  9. (quote)
  10. The high pommel of a saddle; also, either of the projections on a lady's saddle for supporting the leg.

  11. (senseid) The Ionic volute.

  12. The outer end of a crosstree; also, one of the projections forming the jaws of a gaff, boom, etc.

  13. A curved projection on the fore part of a plane.

  14. One of the projections at the four corners of the Jewish altar of burnt offering.

  15. (RQ:KJV)

  16. (quote) caught hold on the horns of the altar
  17. Any of several musical instruments.

  18. (senseid) An instrument resembling a musical horn and used to signal others.

  19. A loud alarm, especially one on a motor vehicle.

  20. A sound signaling the expiration of time.

  21. ''The shot was after the horn and therefore did not count.''

  22. A conical device used to direct waves.

  23. (senseid) Generally, any brass wind instrument.

  24. (senseid) A telephone.

  25. (syn)|and bone (q)|phone

  26. An erection of the penis.

  27. (syn)|hard-on|stiffy

  28. (senseid) A peninsula or crescent-shaped tract of land.

  29. (senseid) A mark that may be attached to the top right corner of the letters o and u when writing in Vietnamese, thus forming ơ and ư.

  30. An incurved, tapering and pointed appendage found in the flowers of the milkweed ((m)).

  31. To assault with the horns.

  32. To furnish with horns.

  33. To cuckold.

  34. horn

  35. horn (qualifier)

  36. horn

  37. corner

  38. speaker (qualifier)

  39. angle

  40. fin (qualifier)

  41. A (l) (gloss):

  42. A horn or a similar growth in fantasy, religion, or mythology.

  43. Such keratinous growths used as a material or in crafts.

  44. The metaphorical horn of one who performs cuckoldry.

  45. A heraldic depiction of a horn.

  46. A jutting or projecting extremity of something, especially one resembling a horn:

  47. One of the two points of a moon that is less than half waxed.

  48. One of the two points of a women's hairstyle involving projecting points.

  49. A horn-shaped bodily passage or chamber.

  50. A (l) (gloss)

  51. Any other hard bodily extension in humans or beasts (e.g. a claw)

  52. A horn-shaped container, especially one used like a glass.

  53. A half or section of an army, troop, or band.

  54. The eyestalk of a gastropod or an analogous projection.

  55. Bovids which are horned as a collective.

  56. (l)

  57. (l) (q)

  58. horn (qualifier)

  59. (topics) (horn-shaped) gable

  60. (l) (of an animal)

  61. (l) (to drink from)

  62. (l) (musical instrument)

  63. chimney

  64. horn (gloss)