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hemisphere englannista suomeksi

  1. pallonpuolisko

  2. aivopuolisko

  3. puolipallo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. puolipallo

  3. toimintapiiri

  4. pallonpuolisko, hemisfääri

  5. pallonpuolisko terrestrial, tähtitaivas celestial

hemisphere englanniksi

  1. Half of the sphere, as divided by either the ecliptic or the equator (defdate).

  2. A realm or domain of activity (defdate).

  3. (quote-book)|title=Romance and Reality|volume=3|pages=91-92|text=Love is the Columbus of our moral world, and opens, at some period or other, a new hemisphere to our view.

  4. Half of the Earth, such as the Hemisphere, Hemisphere, Hemisphere or Hemisphere, Hemisphere, Hemisphere etc. (defdate).

  5. Any half-sphere, formed by a plane intersecting the center of a sphere. (defdate).

  6. A map or projection of a celestial or terrestrial hemisphere (defdate).

  7. Either of the two halves of the cerebrum. (defdate).