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helmet englannista suomeksi

  1. kypärä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kypärä

  3. Verbi

helmet englanniksi

  1. A hard, protective head covering, typically part of armour.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. That which resembles a helmet in form, position, etc.

  4. The upper part of a chemist's retort.

  5. The hood-shaped upper sepal or petal of some flowers, as of the monkshood or the snapdragon.

  6. A naked shield or protuberance on the top or fore part of the head of a bird.

  7. The feature above a shield on a of arms.

  8. The penis.

  9. To cover with, or as if with, a helmet.

  10. a helmet; a protective head covering, usually part of armour.

  11. to wear a helmet

  12. (fi-form of)

  13. necklace made of pearls or beads

  14. A helmet; an armoured piece of headgear.