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hella englanniksi

  1. soft

  2. tender

  3. sore

  4. stove

  5. Hela

  6. loving

  7. fond

  1. (n-g); much or many.

  2. ''There are hella people here.''

  3. (quote-av)|(w)||||Now, let’s talk bidness.I got nothing for you.Wrong. You got hella cash.|role=Chloe Price|network=(w)|publisher=(w)

  4. lot|A lot; very much.

  5. ''We paid hella for that Chinese cuisine.''

  6. (n-g); to a large extent; totally; much.

  7. (ux)

  8. (quote-av)|(w)||||You’re right. We hella deserve it. Splish splash!Did you actually just say "hella"? I think I’m a good bad influence on you.|role=Chloe Price|network=(w)|publisher=(w)

  9. (n-g) to a large degree; extremely; exceedingly.

  10. (quote-song)

  11. (quote-av)|(w)||||The storm got hella crazy and... and you said we would be safe at the lighthouse.|role=Chloe Price|network=(w)|publisher=(w)

  12. sure|For sure; totally; yeah; used as a strong affirmation of something that was just said, accomplished, or revealed.

  13. ''"We definitely rocked that shit man!""Hella!"''

  14. (contraction of)

  15. ''Where the hella you been?''

  16. range, stove (gloss)

  17. (syn)

  18. oven

  19. stone, slab, paver

  20. ''Að leggja hellur.''

    To pave.

  21. to pour

  22. (inflection of)

  23. flat stone, slab of rock

  24. to pour out