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helix englannista suomeksi

  1. spiraali

  2. kierukka

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ruuviviiva; ruuvikierre

  3. heliks

  4. heliks, ylärusto

  5. Verbi

helix englanniksi

  1. Helix

  1. A curve on the surface of a cylinder or cone such that its angle to a plane perpendicular to the axis is constant; the three-dimensional curve seen in a screw or a staircase. Category:en:Curves

  2. A small volute under the abacus of a Corinthian capital.

  3. The incurved rim of the external ear.

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  5. An down midair 360° spin in playboating.

  6. To form or cause to form a helix.

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  10. a kind of ivy

  11. a kind of willow

  12. a whorl, a small ornament on the capital of Corinthian columns