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heddle englanniksi

  1. A component in a loom, being one of a number of similar components, through the eye of each of which a distinct strand of the warp is threaded.

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  4. The heddles and heddle frames, Fig. 3, and the reed may be purchased from dealers in craftwork supplies.
  5. (quote-text)|title=Craft Techniques in Occupational Therapy|page=7-22|url=http://books.google.com.au/books?id=0HLWAAAAMAAJ&pg=SA7-PA22&dq=%22heddle%22%7C%22heddles%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=K580Uf7MOeuYmQXK_4GwBg&redir_esc=yv=onepage&q=%22heddle%22%7C%22heddles%22&f=false|passage=If errors have occurred in threading the heddles, it is usually expedient to remove all threads from the begining(si) of the error and re-thread them correctly.

  6. One of the sets of parallel doubled threads which, with mounting, compose the harness employed to guide the warp threads to the lathe or batten in a loom.

  7. To thread each strand of the warp through the eye of a heddle.

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  9. After each frame has been heddled, stand upright within easy reach until the full set has been completed.
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  11. After heddling she takes the reeds and arranges them as ordered. She knows that if reed denting is uneven, the textile is ruined.