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heavyweight englannista suomeksi

  1. raskassarjalainen

  2. raskaan sarjan nyrkkeilijä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. raskassarjalainen

  3. raskassarja

heavyweight englanniksi

  1. A very large, heavy, or impressive person.

  2. ''an intellectual heavyweight''

  3. 2011 ''(w)'', "Pilot" (season 1, episode 1):

  4. Allen Gregory DeLongpre: Who's he?
    Patrick: He's only the most popular kid in school.
    Allen Gregory: Ah, the two heavyweights finally meet. Sure you're tired of all the buzz. Allen Gregory DeLongpre.
    Joel Zadak: Joel...Zadak!
  5. The professional boxing class for boxers weighing more than 190 pounds; a boxer in that division.

  6. (qualifier) A similar division and contestant in other sports.

  7. Of the heavyweight boxing (or similar) division.

  8. Being relatively heavy.

  9. Being a leader in one's field.

  10. Important or impressive.

  11. (quote-journal)|city=London|date=24 October 2016|passage=The Olympics, the weather and a comparative lack of heavyweight clashes so far this season have been cited as reasons for the drop in viewers.