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  1. taivaallinen

  1. taivaallinen

heavenly englanniksi

  1. Of or pertaining to the heaven believed in by many religions.

  2. (synonym of): of or pertaining to the heavens, the sky regarded as the realm of the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

  3. Of or pertaining to the kingdom of God; divine.

  4. 1817, Phillips (Irish barrister)|Charles Phillips (author-editor), ''Speech in the Case of O′Mullan v. M′Korkill'', ''The Speeches of Charles Phillips'', page 131,

  5. No doubt, you have all personally considered — no doubt, you have all personally experienced, that of all the blessings which it has pleased Providence to allow us to cultivate, there is not one which breathes a purer fragrance, or bears an heavenlier aspect than education.
  6. Strongly or sublimely beautiful or pleasurable.

  7. ''Oh, please continue giving me a massage – it′s absolutely heavenly.''

  8. 1880, Twain|Mark Twain, ''Tramp Abroad|A Tramp Abroad'', ''The Works of Mark Twain: Authorized Uniform Edition'', Volume 1, page 19,

  9. So he flew down and got that acorn, and fetched it up and dropped it in, and was just tilting his head back, with the heavenliest smile on his face, when all of a sudden he was paralyzed into a listening attitude and that smile faded gradually out of his countenance like breath off′n a razor, and the queerest look of surprise took its place.
  10. In a manner like that of heaven; by the influence or agency of heaven; divinely, miraculously.

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  12. To a degree such as to elicit great pleasure.

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