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headstock englannista suomeksi

  1. karapylkkä

  1. Substantiivi

headstock englanniksi

  1. A headframe.

  2. 1913, DH Lawrence, ''Sons and Lovers'', and Lovers/Chapter VI|chapter 6

  3. It was a beautiful day. At Brinsley pit the white steam melted slowly in the sunshine of a soft blue sky; the wheels of the headstocks twinkled high up; the screen, shuffling its coal into the trucks, made a busy noise.
  4. A part of a machine (such as a lathe or drill) that supports a rotating part

  5. A beam that supports a bell.

  6. A clamp that restrains a cow by the neck.

  7. The part of a lute-type string instrument, such as a guitar, that holds the tuning pegs or tensioning screws of the strings.

  8. A transverse structural member at the extreme end of a rail vehicle's underframe.