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hardly englannista suomeksi

  1. hädin tuskin, töin tuskin

  2. tuskin

  1. tuskin, töin tuskin, hädin tuskin

hardly englanniksi

  1. Barely, only just, almost not.

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  6. difficulty|With difficulty.

  7. (RQ:Montaigne Florio Essaye), Folio Society, 2006, vol.1, p.234:

  8. And what gentle flame soever doth warme the heart of young virgins, yet are they hardly drawne to leave and forgoe their mothers, to betake them to their husbands(nb..).
  9. 1977, (w), ''The Honourable Schoolboy'', Folio Society 2010, page 40:

  10. While in Chelsea, Anne Smiley pined, taking very hardly to her unaccustomed role of wife abandoned.
  11. Harshly, severely; in a hard manner.

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  13. Firmly, vigorously, with strength or exertion.

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  15. Let him hardly be possest with an honest curiositie to search out the nature and causes of all things(nb..).
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  17. Not really.

  18. ''I think the Beatles are a really overrated band. &x2015; Hardly!''