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  1. kasvihuone

  2. kasvihuone-

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kasvihuone

  3. Verbi

greenhouse englanniksi

  1. A building used to grow plants, particularly one with large glass windows or plastic sheeting to trap heat from sunlight even in intemperate seasons or climates.

  2. (RQ:Landon Ethel Churchill)

  3. (label) The glass of a plane's cockpit.

  4. 1941 March 24, ''(magazine)|Life'', p. 85:

  5. In the slang of the Royal Air Force man, the cockpit of his plane is the ‘pulpit’ or ‘office’, the glass covering over it the ‘greenhouse’.
  6. A structure that shields the table to protect against bacteria.

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  8. Figure 2.6 shows the diagram Charnley published of the airflow in the 'greenhouse'; it can be seen that reasonable downward unidirectional airflow was achieved close to the operating table.
  9. 1972, ''Southern Hospitals'' (volumes 40-41, page 10)

  10. The greenhouse system for providing a nearly bacteria-free operating environment consists of a 10 by 10-foot aluminum frame with plexiglass panes forming three sides and a polyvinyl curtain forming the fourth side. (..) However, the greenhouse contains its own light supply, while this is an extra with the air curtain unit.
  11. A hot state in global climate.

  12. (syn)


  13. To place (plants) in a greenhouse.

  14. To nurture in order to promote growth.

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  16. It's almost impossible to make judgements when you're being playful – as by definition it's spontaneous activity – so your baby ideas get nurtured and greenhoused better.
  17. greenhouse