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grab englannista suomeksi

  1. ottaa, napata

  2. tarttua, kouraista, kahmaista, tarrata

  3. yrittää kouraista käteensä, tavoitella

  4. ottaa haltuunsa, anastaa

  5. siepata

  6. kahmari, tarrain, koura, kauha

  7. saada kiinnostus, herättää huomio

  8. kahmaisu, tarttuminen, kouraisu

  1. napata, siepata

  2. tarttua, tarrata

  3. pidättää, vangita

  4. vangita

  5. tarttuminen

  6. koura

  7. Substantiivi

grab englanniksi

  1. To grip suddenly; to seize; to clutch.

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  4. To make a sudden grasping or clutching motion (at something).

  5. To restrain someone; to arrest.

  6. To grip the attention of; to enthrall or interest.

  7. ''How does that idea grab you?''

  8. To quickly collect or retrieve.

  9. 1987 James Grady ''Just a Shot Away'', Bantam, page 117:

  10. "I'll just grab my jacket," said Manh-Hung.
  11. 1999 Jillian Dagg, ''Racing Hearts,'' Thomas Bouregy & Co., page 105:

  12. Hardly believing that Rafe actually planned to relax for a while, Kate nodded. "All right. Fine. I'll just go grab my purse."
  13. 2009 Mike Taylor, ''A Thousand Sleeps,'' Tate Publishing, page 216:

  14. He looked at Albert and Ben, and then back to Nurse Allen. "I'll just grab my gear and be right back."
  15. To consume something quickly.

  16. To take the opportunity of.

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  18. A sudden snatch at something.

  19. 1931 Harold M. Sherman, "The Baseball Clown," ''Boys' Life,'' volume 21, No. 4 (April 1931), Boy Scouts of America, page 47:

  20. The ball popped in and popped out, and when he made a grab for it on the ground he kicked it with his foot.
  21. 2003 J Davey, ''Six Years of Darkness,'' Trafford Publishing, page 66:

  22. He made a grab for me and I swung my handbag at him as hard as I could.
  23. An acquisition by violent or unjust means.

  24. A mechanical device that grabs or clutches.

  25. A device for withdrawing drills, etc., from artesian and other wells that are drilled, bored, or driven.

  26. A bite.

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  28. That which is seized.

  29. A simple game.

  30. A two- or three-masted vessel used on the Malabar coast.

  31. hornbeam (gloss)

  32. hornbeam, any tree of genus ''Carpinus''.

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  34. hornbeam