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  1. gorilla

  1. Substantiivi

  2. gorilla

gorilla englanniksi

  1. muscle

  2. eastern lowland gorilla

  3. western lowland gorilla

  1. The largest of the apes, native to the forests of central Africa, and known for their trait of knuckle-walking.

  2. (quote-journal ) The conclusion that the usual place of commencement of the dorsal type in the gorilla is between the 12th and 13th dorsal vertebræ is founded on notes taken of this character in 13 of these gorillæ.

  3. A big and brutish man or a thug; a goon or ruffian.

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  5. A powerful person or organization; a heavyweight or behemoth.

  6. 1977, ''Computerworld'' (volume 11, number 19, page 58)

  7. The two industry gorillas — IBM and AT&T — will get together to decide who will provide different communications services, Biddle stated.
  8. (l), primate of the genus ''Gorilla''

  9. gorilla

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  11. (topics) gorilla