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gigantic englannista suomeksi

  1. jättimäinen, jättiläismäinen

  1. jättiläismäinen, jättimäinen

gigantic englanniksi

  1. Very large.

  2. 1612, (w), (w) song(nbs)1 p.(nbs)1

  3. Thou Genius of the place (this most renowned Ile)
    Which livedst long before the All-earth-drowning Flood,
    Whilst yet the world did swarme with her Gigantick brood;
  4. (quote-book)|title=Francesca Carrara|volume=3|page=259|text=It is in solitude that the imagination exercises its gigantic power; and where are a woman's feelings nurtured but in solitude?

  5. In the manner of a giant.

  6. giant