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gaudy englannista suomeksi

  1. vuosijuhla

  2. korea

  3. pramea

  1. pramea, kruusattu

gaudy englanniksi

  1. very showy or ornamented, now especially when excessive, or in a tasteless or vulgar manner

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  3. 1813, Austen|Jane Austen, ''Pride and Prejudice''

  4. The rooms were lofty and handsome, and their furniture suitable to the fortune of its proprietor; but Elizabeth saw, with admiration of his taste, that it was neither gaudy nor uselessly fine; with less of splendour, and more real elegance, than the furniture of Rosings.
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  6. 2005, Thomas Hauser & Marilyn Cole Lownes, "How Bling-bling Took Over the Ring", ''The Observer'', 9 January 2005

  7. Gaudy jewellery might offend some people's sense of style. But former heavyweight champion and grilling-machine entrepreneur George Foreman is philosophical about today's craze for bling-bling.
  8. fun; merry; festive

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  11. And for my strange petition I will make Amends hereafter by some gaudy day
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  13. And then, there he was, slim and handsome, and dressed the gaudiest and prettiest you ever saw...
  14. One of the large beads in the rosary at which the paternoster is recited.

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  16. A reunion held by one of the colleges of the University of Oxford for alumni, normally held during the summer vacations.