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gargle englannista suomeksi

  1. kurlausvesi

  2. sanoa kurlaavalla äänellä

  3. kurlaus

  4. kurlata

  1. kurlata

  2. kurluttaa

  3. kurlata + adessive

  4. kurlausneste

  5. kurlaus

gargle englanniksi

  1. to clean one's mouth by holding water or some other liquid in the back of the mouth and blowing air out from the lungs

  2. (quote-text)

  3. to make a sound like the one made while gargling

  4. to clean a specific part of the body by gargling (almost always ''throat'' or ''mouth'')

  5. to use (a liquid) for purposes of cleaning one's mouth or throat by gargling.

  6. ''Every morning he gargled a little cheap Scotch.''

  7. a liquid used for gargling

  8. 1861, ''Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets'':

  9. Take of borax 1 drm., tinc. of myrrh 1/2 oz., clarified honey 1 oz., rose or distilled water, 4 oz.; mix. To be used as a gargle or mouth wash in sore mouth or affection of the gums.
  10. the sound of gargling

  11. lager, drink

  12. (obsolete form of)