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gar englannista suomeksi

  1. nokkakala
  1. luuhauki

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

gar englanniksi

  1. A spear.

  2. Any of several North American fish of the family Lepisosteidae that have long, narrow jaws.

  3. A garfish, ''belone''.

  4. To make, compel (someone to do something); to cause (something to be done). (defdate)

  5. 1485, Sir Thomas Malory, ''Le Morte Darthur'', Book XX:

  6. I shall firste begyn at Sandwyche, and there I shall go in my shearte, barefoote, and at every ten myles ende I shall founde and gar make an house of religious, of what order that ye woll assygne me ....
  7. 1885, Sir Richard Burton, ''The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night'', Night 15:

  8. Time gars me tremble. Ah, how sore the baulk! / While Time in pride of strength cloth ever stalk ....
  9. blaze

  10. (l)

  11. (soft mutation of)

  12. cooked, done (gloss)

  13. all

  14. 2010, ''Spiegel|Der Spiegel'', issue 25/2010, page 80:

  15. Ein Verbot sollte es nach Ansicht vieler Ökonomen auch für die sogenannten Leerverkäufe geben. Banken verkaufen dabei Aktien oder Währungen, die sie noch gar nicht besitzen oder allenfalls geliehen haben.
    : In the opinion of many economists, there should also exist a prohibition for the so-called short sales. In these, banks sell shares or currencies that they do not own at all yet or have borrowed at best.
  16. very, really

  17. near

  18. (qualifier) short

  19. convenient; easy, likely

  20. near, mean, stingy

  21. nearness, proximity

  22. convenience, service; turn, favor

  23. along

  24. (alternative form of)

  25. spear, arrow, dart

  26. (augmentative of).

  27. to make (gloss)

  28. (ux)

  29. us (qualifier)

  30. warm

  31. station (railway)

  32. snow

  33. water

  34. Yesterday (qual).

  35. ''i gar-o mårjan / i går óm móran''

    yesterday morning

    ''i gar-o äfta''

    yesterday evening

  36. Skin-furrow (about the grain of a hide.)

  37. ring|Growth rings in wood.