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  1. kahveli

  2. kannus

  1. pokara

gaff englanniksi

  1. A tool consisting of a large metal hook with a handle or pole, especially the one used to pull large fish aboard a boat.

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  3. 1997, Mark Kurlansky, ''Cod: a Biography of the Fish That Changed the World'':

  4. When Leonard finally hauls up a cod of seventy-five centimeters, probably seven years old, a typical catch ten years ago, they all joke, "Oh my God, get the gaff!"
  5. A minor error or pas, a gaffe.

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  7. A trick or con.

  8. The upper spar used to control a gaff-rigged sail.

  9. A garment worn to hide the genitals.

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  11. To use a gaff, especially to land a fish.

  12. To cheat or hoax.

  13. To doctor or modify for deceptive purposes.

  14. 1993, Betty Lou Wolfe, ‎Marian Jean Gray, ''The Way We Were: Reflections from the 1930's'' (page 23)

  15. When the operator began losing, he gaffed the wheel and then the patron had no chance to win. With his secret device an experienced grifter could stop the wheel at will on any number.
  16. 1977, ''FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin'' (volume 46, issue 9, page 8)

  17. However, this apathy will quickly disappear if it is learned the friendly game involves marked (gaffed) cards.
  18. 1989, ''Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends'' (page 96)

  19. You will be using gaffed cards: a double faced card.
  20. To gamble.

  21. To affix tape to, or cover with gaffer tape.

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  23. Rough or harsh treatment; criticism.

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  25. An outcry; nonsense.

  26. A place of residence.

  27. ''We're going round to Mike's gaff later to watch the footie.''

  28. (quote-journal)|date=4 April 2015|passage=Am I alone in feeling smug (if slatternly) about the news that super-clean homes are a breeding ground for infection? Apparently, all that bleach is bad not just for germs but for children's immune systems, too, and paradoxically causes more disease than it prevents. Not round my gaff. Oh no. My standards of housekeeping are so abysmally low that my eldest daughter was three years old before she even developed a temperature.

  29. (quote-song)|title=The Godfather|url=|date=2019-04-30|note=0:37–0:40|passage=Man will enter the gaf with crownGun shot spin his head right round

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