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fuzz englannista suomeksi

  1. haituva

  2. nukka

  3. sumeus

  4. skoude

  1. nukka

  2. kytät (monikko)

  3. Substantiivi

fuzz englanniksi

  1. A frizzy mass of hair or fibre.

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  3. Quality of an image that is unclear; a blurred image.

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  5. The random data used in testing.

  6. A distorted sound, especially from an guitar or other amplified instrument.

  7. A state of befuddlement.

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  10. To make fuzzy.

  11. To become fuzzy.

  12. To make drunk.

  13. To test a software component by running it on randomly generated input.

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  15. To fly off in minute particles with a fizzing sound, like water from hot metal.

  16. The police, or any enforcement agency.

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  18. Let's get the hell out of here before the fuzz turns up
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