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funnel englannista suomeksi

  1. siirtää suppilon kautta, kaataa suppilon kautta

  2. höyryveturin savupiippu, savukanava, laivan savupiippu

  3. suppilomaisuus

  4. suppilo, tratti

  1. suppilo, tratti

  2. käyttää suppiloa">käyttää suppiloa

  3. ahtautua

  4. ohjata

funnel englanniksi

  1. A utensil in the shape of an inverted hollow cone terminating in a narrow pipe, for channeling liquids or granular material; typically used when transferring said substances from any container into ones with a significantly smaller opening.

  2. A passage or avenue for a fluid or flowing substance; specifically, a smoke flue or pipe; the chimney of a steamship or the like.

  3. To use a funnel.

  4. To proceed through a narrow gap or passageway akin to a funnel; to condense or narrow.

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  7. A line of clocks in our cheap hotel displays the time in Lagos, Bucharest, Kiev: the capitals of pilgrims who come to kneel at the birthplace of Christ. In reality the entire world funnels through the Church of the Nativity.
  8. To channel, direct, or focus (emotions, money, resources, etc.).

  9. (quote-journal)|newspaper=(w)|location=London|publisher=Media Group|Guardian News & Media|date=16 June 2018|issn=0261-3077|oclc=229952407|passage=Like so many others, I was awestruck by the first season, which captured a moment in time and successfully funnelled its rage outwards at a world in which women are indeed silenced, controlled and killed by men.

  10. To consume (beer, etc.) rapidly through a funnel, typically as a stunt at a party.

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