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frozen englannista suomeksi

  1. kiinteä

  2. jäätävä

  3. jäätynyt, pakastunut

  4. jäinen

  5. jäädytetty

  6. jähmettynyt

  7. pakastettu

  1. something/-one else has done it jäädytetty, pakastettu; the thing/person has frozen on its own jäätynyt, pakastunut

  2. Verbi

frozen englanniksi

  1. Having undergone the process of freezing; in ice form.

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  4. Immobilized.

  5. In a state such that transactions are not allowed.

  6. Retaining an older, obsolete syntax of an earlier version of a language, which now operates only on a specific word or phrase.

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  8. ''The mammoth was frozen shortly after death.''