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frenzy englannista suomeksi

  1. kiihko, vimma

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vimma, kiihko, paniikki

  3. Verbi

frenzy englanniksi

  1. A state of wild activity or panic.

  2. ''She went into a cleaning frenzy to prepare for the unexpected guests.''

  3. (quote-book)| year=1983| publisher=Knopf| ISBN=0679722106| passage=It is during these frenzies that sharks have been known to bite everything in sight, including other sharks engaged in the same activity.| page=170

  4. A violent agitation of the mind approaching madness; rage.

  5. (RQ:Addison Cato)

  6. All else is towering frenzy and distraction.
  7. 1595-1596, (w), ''(w)'', Act 5, scene 1:

  8. The poet's eye in a fine frenzy rolling.
  9. Mad; frantic.

  10. 1678 John Bunyan ''The Pilgrim's Progress'':

  11. They thought that some frenzy distemper had got into his head.
  12. To render frantic.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. Both goaded on to strife by frenzying hate.
    Then there is the absorbing, not to say frenzying, interest, which attends our important elections.
  15. To exhibit a frenzy, such as a frenzy.

  16. The fresh smell of salt air, the sound of the crashing swell, the soothing immersion in the water, the sight of dolphins playing and fish frenzying beneath my board.