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founder englannista suomeksi

  1. sortua

  2. upota

  3. valaja

  4. kaviokuume

  5. ajautua karille

  6. perustaja

  7. ontua

  1. perustaja

  2. kantaisä, kantaäiti

  3. sulattaja

  4. valuri, valaja

  5. kaviokuume

  6. upota

  7. kompastua

  8. epäonnistua

  9. Verbi

founder englanniksi

  1. One who founds or establishes (especially said of a company, project, organisation, state)

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  3. Someone for whose parents one has no data.

  4. The iron worker in charge of the furnace and the smelting operation.

  5. 1957, H.R. Schubert, ''History of the British Iron and Steel Industry'', p. 161.

  6. The term 'founder' was applied in the British iron industry long afterwards to the ironworker in charge of the blast furnace and the smelting operation.
  7. One who casts metals in various forms; a caster.

  8. A severe laminitis of a horse, caused by untreated internal inflammation in the hooves.

  9. To flood with water and sink.

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  11. *(RQ:Melville Moby-Dick)

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  13. To fall; to stumble and go lame, as a horse.

  14. To fail; to miscarry.

  15. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 8)

  16. To cause to flood and sink, as a ship.

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  18. 1744, William Smith, ''A New Voyage to Guinea'', page 167, quoted in ''The Diligent: A Voyage Through the Worlds Of The Slave Trade'', Robert Harms, 2008

  19. "I was amazed when we came among the breakers (which to me seemed large enough to founder our ship), to see with what wondrous dexterity they carried us through them, and ran their canoes on the top of one of those rolling waves (..)"
  20. 1932, (w), "From haunts of Proserpine" (Review of ''Green River: A Poem for Rafinesque'', James Whaler

  21. But still more disastrous was the storm which foundered his ship in Long Island Sound, swallowing within call of shore his fifty boxes of scientific equipment, his books, manuscripts and funds, the results of years of devoted labor.
  22. To disable or lame (a horse) by causing internal inflammation and soreness in the feet or limbs.

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