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float englannista suomeksi

  1. näytöslava

  2. kelluke, koho

  3. juoma

  4. uittaa

  5. leijailla, leijua

  6. laskea vesille

  7. viive

  8. osakeannin merkitsemätön osa

  9. silottaa

  10. lipua, kellua

  11. panna liikkeelle

  12. lasta

  13. päästää kellumaan

  14. muuntaa liukuluvuksi

  15. ilmarakko

  16. pysyä pinnalla

  1. Verbi

  2. kellua

  3. kelluttaa

  4. kellua, pysyä pinnalla">pysyä pinnalla

  5. lipua

  6. ajelehtia, lipua, ujua

  7. leijua

  8. lipua, leijua

  9. ehdottaa, heittää

  10. vaihtua, riippua

  11. vipata

  12. aloittaa osakeanti">aloittaa osakeanti

  13. Substantiivi

  14. koho as part of fishing gear; kelluke

  15. höyläraspi, raspi

  16. hierrin

  17. paraatiauto

  18. yleinen osakeanti

  19. käteiskassa

  20. liukuluku

  21. pohjakassa

float englanniksi

  1. To be supported by a fluid of greater density (than the object).

  2. (ux)

  3. To be supported by a liquid of greater density, such that part (of the object or substance) remains above the surface.

  4. To cause something to be suspended in a liquid of greater density.

  5. To be capable of floating.

  6. To move in a particular direction with the liquid in which one is floating.

  7. To drift or wander aimlessly.

  8. To drift gently through the air.

  9. To move in a fluid manner.

  10. To circulate.

  11. To remain airborne, without down|touching down, for an excessive length of time during landing, due to excessive airspeed during the landing flare.

  12. (of an idea or scheme) To be viable.

  13. To propose (an idea) for consideration.

  14. To automatically adjust a parameter as related parameters change.

  15. (of currencies) To have an exchange value determined by the markets, as opposed to by central fiat.

  16. To allow (the exchange value of a currency) to be determined by the markets.

  17. To extend a short-term loan to.

  18. To issue or sell shares in a company (or units in a trust) to members of the public, followed by listing on a exchange.

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  20. He Moretti Polegato floated the company on the Milan Stock Exchange last December and sold 29 per cent of its shares, mostly to American investors.
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  23. As a result of this reverse acquisition, Hurlingham changed its name to Manroy plc and floated shares on the Alternative Investment Market in London.
  24. To spread plaster over (a surface), using the tool called a float.

  25. 1932, ''The Bricklayer, Mason and Plasterer'' (volumes 35-37, page 35)

  26. This wire, nailed over the face of the old plaster will also reinforce any loose lath or plaster after the walls have set. Float the wall to the face of the lath first.
  27. To use a float (rasp-like tool) upon.

  28. To transport by float (vehicular trailer).

  29. To perform a float.

  30. To cause (an element within a document) to float above or beside others.

  31. 2010, Andy Harris, ''HTML, XHTML and CSS All-In-One For Dummies'' (page 290)

  32. To get the footer acting right, you need to float it and clear it on both margins.
  33. (senseid) A buoyant device used to support something in water or another liquid.

  34. (quote-book)

  35. A mass of timber or boards fastened together, and conveyed down a stream by the current; a raft.

  36. A board.

  37. A tool similar to a rasp, used in various trades.

  38. A sort of trowel used for finishing concrete surfaces or smoothing plaster.

  39. An elaborately decorated trailer or vehicle, intended for display in a parade or pageant.

  40. A floating toy made of foam, used in pools.

  41. A small vehicle used for local deliveries, especially in the term (m).

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  43. Funds committed to be paid but not yet paid.

  44. An offering of shares in a company (or units in a trust) to members of the public, normally followed by a listing on a exchange.

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  46. The total amount of checks/cheques or other drafts written against a account but not yet cleared and charged against the account.

  47. Premiums in|taken in but not yet out|paid out.

  48. A number, especially one that has lower precision than a double.

  49. 2011, Rubin H. Landau, ''A First Course in Scientific Computing'' (page 214)

  50. If you want to be a scientist or an engineer, learn to say “no” to singles and floats.
  51. A soft beverage with a scoop of ice-cream floating in it.

  52. A small sum of money put in a cashier's till, or otherwise secured, at the start of business, to enable change to be made.

  53. A maneuver where a player calls on the flop or turn with a weak hand, with the intention of bluffing after a subsequent card.

  54. One of the ends of yarn on an unfinished work.

  55. A carrier or transporter truck or truck-and-trailer combination.

  56. A lowboy trailer.

  57. The act of flowing; flux; flow.

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  59. A polishing block used in marble working; a runner.

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  61. A coal cart.(R:Simmonds Trad)

  62. A breakdancing move in which the body is held parallel to the floor while balancing on one or both hands.

  63. A visual style on a page that causes the styled elements to float above or beside others.

  64. 2004, Eric A. Meyer, ''More Eric Meyer on CSS'' (page 36)

  65. Because margin floats don't collapse together, the actual spacing between two floats sitting next to each other will be 6 pixels (..)
  66. 2007, Michael Bowers, ''Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns'' (page 93)

  67. When a float cannot fit next to another float, it moves down below it. A float's position, size, padding, borders, and margins affect the position of adjacent floats and adjacent inline content.
  68. The gas-filled sac, bag{{, or body of a siphonophore; a pneumatophore.

  69. fleet, navy