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  1. fellaatio

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  2. fellaatio

fellatio englanniksi

  1. The stimulation of the penis (or testicles) using the mouth.

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  3. (quote-book)|title=Das Konträre Geschlechtsgefühl|trans-title=Sexual Inversion|passage=In 7 oder 8 anderen Fällen ging die geschlechtliche Beziehung selten über enge Berührung oder gegenseitige Masturbation hinaus. In 2 oder 3 anderen Fällen ist ''fellatio'' die bevorzugte Methode.|t=In eight or nine (si) cases the sexual relationship rarely goes beyond close physical contact, or at most mutual masturbation. In two or three cases ''fellatio'' is the form preferred.

  4. 1919 January 9, Supreme Court of California, ''In re Lockett'', 57 Cal. Dec. 96:

  5. That the word "fellatio" has not become Anglicized is so clearly apparent that further comment seems unnecessary.(..)Section 288a of the Penal Code is void for uncertainty as well as for the reason that it is not expressed in the English language.
  6. sex in which the penis of one of the participants is orally stimulated.

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