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extrovert englannista suomeksi

  1. ulospäin suuntautunut henkilö, ulospäinsuuntautunut henkilö

  2. ulospäin suuntautunut

  1. ulospäinsuuntautunut henkilö">ulospäinsuuntautunut henkilö, ekstrovertti

  2. Substantiivi

extrovert englanniksi

  1. An extroverted person: one who is outgoing, sociable, and concerned with outer affairs.

  2. 1918 April, Phyllis Blanchard, "A Psycho-Analytic Study of August Comte", ''American Journal of Psychology'', p. 163:

  3. In order to understand the marked contract between Comte's mental attitude during his early years and that of his later life, we must keep in mind Jung|Jung's hypothesis of the two psychological types, the introvert and extrovert,—the thinking type and the feeling type.
  4. (alt form): outgoing.

  5. To turn or thrust outwards.

  6. 1671, John Webster, ''Metallographia'', p. 197:

  7. The external and combustible Sulphur... is... protruded and extroverted.
  8. extrovert