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extort englannista suomeksi

  1. tiukata

  2. pusertaa

  3. kiristää

  1. Verbi

  2. kiristää, riistää

  3. kiristää

extort englanniksi

  1. To take or seize from an unwilling person by physical force, menace, duress, torture, or any undue or illegal exercise of power or ingenuity.

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  3. (quote-book), Esq., Delivered before the High Court of Parliament, June 1788|title=Select Speeches, Forensick and Parliamentary, with Prefatory Remarks by Chapman|Nathaniel Chapman, M.D.|location=Pa.|publisher=Published by Hopkins and Earle, no. 170, Street (Philadelphia)|Market Street|month=June|year=1788|year_published=1808|volume=I|page=474|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=oB4RAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA474|oclc=230944105|passage=The Begums' ministers, on the contrary, to extort from them the disclosure of the place which concealed the treasures, were, (..) after being ''fettered'' and ''imprisoned'', led out on to a scaffold, and this array of terrours proving unavailing, the ''meek'' tempered Middleton, as a dernier resort, menaced them with a confinement in the fortress of Chunargar. Thus, my lords, was a British garrison made the ''climax'' of ''cruelties''!

  4. To obtain by means of the offense of extortion.

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  6. To twist outwards.

  7. Wrongfully obtained.