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exasperate englannista suomeksi

  1. pahentaa, lisätä

  2. suututtaa, ärsyttää

  3. vimmastuttaa, raivostuttaa

  1. Verbi

  2. ärsyttää, suututtaa

exasperate englanniksi

  1. To tax the patience of; irk, frustrate, vex, provoke, annoy; to make angry.

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  5. 1987 January 5, "Woman of the Year: Corazon Aquino," ''Time'':

  6. She exasperates her security men by acting as if she were protected by some invisible shield.
  7. 2007 June 4, "Loyal Mail," ''Times Online'' (UK) (retrieved 7 Oct 2010):

  8. News that Adam Crozier, Royal Mail chief executive, is set to receive a bumper bonus will exasperate postal workers.
  9. exasperated; embittered.

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