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exacting englannista suomeksi

  1. ankara

  2. vaativa

  1. tiukka, vaativa, vaatelias

  2. Verbi

exacting englanniksi

  1. Making great demands; difficult to satisfy.

  2. (quote-text)|title=Opening a Chestnut Burr|chapter=4|passage=His exacting taste required no small degree of outward perfection.

  3. (quote-text)|title=The Stark Munro Letters|chapter=7|passage=He burst into apologies which would have satisfied a more exacting man than I am.

  4. Requiring precise accuracy, great care, effort, or attention.

  5. (quote-text)|title=The Man|chapter=3|passage=Wolf's work, which, though not very exacting, had to be done single-handed, kept him to his post.

  6. Characterized by exaction.

  7. (quote-text)|title=All's For the Best|chapter=2|passage="He is a hard, exacting, money-loving man," was my remark.

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