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evince englannista suomeksi

  1. ilmaista

  1. Verbi

  2. osoittaa

evince englanniksi

  1. To show or demonstrate clearly; to manifest.

  2. 1661, Boyle|Robert Boyle, ''Sceptical Chymist|The Sceptical Chymist'', London: J. Cadwell for J. Crooke, s:Sceptical Chymist/Physiological Considerations32|''Physiological Considerations'', p. 32

  3. For You will find in the Progress of our Dispute, that I had some reason to question the very way of Probation imploy'd both by Peripateticks and Chymists, to evince the being and number of the Elements.
  4. (quote-book)|chapter=Idolatry: in what it consists|title=Selections from the writings of Robert South, D.D. With a memoir|page=257|pageurl=https://archive.org/details/MN41803ucmf_7/page/n283|passage=Common sense and experience will and must evince the truth of this.

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  7. ‘That unless all the people of Kasson would embrace the Mohammedan religion, and evince their conversion by saying eleven public prayers, he, the king of Foota-Torra, could not possibly stand neuter in the present contest, but would certainly join his arms to those of Kajaaga.’
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  11. As the game proceeded it became evident that Porgy's luck was with him; he was the most consistent winner, and Sportin' Life was bearing most of the burden. But the mulatto was too good a gambler to evince any discomfiture.
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  13. When Mrs C. described this to me the next day she shuddered all over, but also evinced, in her manner and choice of words, an unmistakable relish.
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  15. Bare reportage cannot convey the deep hatred sometimes evinced between men through the simplest address.
  16. (quote-journal)|volume=85|issue=1|page=73|passage=But despite the overt similarity of the rules, Rome II does not evince a broad, transatlantic consensus on conflict of laws. The new European rules differ from outwardly similar American formulations in animating principle.

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