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ert englanniksi

  1. ERT

  1. To incite; urge on; encourage.

  2. To irritate; grill; provoke.

  3. To be eager, prone; hurry.

  4. To make as if to strike; argue (with); strive after; try to obtain.

  5. To strive onward and upward.

  6. stiff, rigid

  7. (you) are, (inflection of) (to be)

  8. (uxi)) are beautiful

    (uxi)) married?


  9. you are, (inflection of) (meaning "to be")

  10. ''Þú ert skemmtileg.''

    You are fun. (referring to a girl)

    ''Hver ert þú?''

    Who are you?

  11. art

  12. (alt form): (infl of)

  13. (alt form)

  14. a (l) (q)

  15. (inflection of)