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entertainment englannista suomeksi

  1. viihde

  1. Substantiivi

  2. viihde

  3. näytös

entertainment englanniksi

  1. An activity designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion, amusement, or relaxation to an audience, no matter whether the audience participates passively as in watching opera or a movie, or actively as in games.

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  3. A show put on for the enjoyment or amusement of others.

  4. Maintenance or support.

  5. Admission into service; service.

  6. Payment of soldiers or servants; wages.

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  8. The entertainment of the general upon his first arrival was but six shillings and eight pence.
  9. Reception; (provision of) food to guests or travellers.

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  12. Tho’ they cut beef into long Pieces, (like Ropes) with the Hide; and dress’d, and eat it half-roasted according to their Custom, and gave it me in the same Manner; yet I thought this contemptible Food, and what a Beggar in ''England'' would not have touch’d, the most delicious Entertainment I ever met with.