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dwindle englannista suomeksi

  1. huveta, vähetä

  1. Verbi

  2. vähetä, huveta, haipua

dwindle englanniksi

  1. To decrease, shrink, diminish, reduce in size or intensity.

  2. 1802, T. Paynell (translator), (w), Complaint of Peace|The Complaint of Peace

  3. Every thing that was improving gradually degenerates and dwindles away to nothing, (..)
  4. To away in quality; degenerate, sink.

  5. (RQ:Swift Advancement of Religion)

  6. 1766, (w), ''Vicar'', III

  7. ''The flattery of his friends began to dwindle into simple approbation.''
  8. 1919, (w), ''Source and Aim of Human Progress|The Source and Aim of Human Progress''

  9. The larger the empire, the more dwindles the mind of the citizen.
  10. (quote-journal) (Gardening)|date=26 September 2014|passage=(..) Infected tulips are weakened by the viruses that cause the very patterns and swirls that fascinated horticulturists and investors in the first place. Such bulbs tend to dwindle away instead of fattening up and producing offsets.

  11. To lessen; to bring low.

  12. (RQ:Thomson Sprin)

  13. Our drooping days are dwindled down to nought.
  14. To up or disperse.

  15. (RQ:Clarendon History)