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downward englannista suomeksi

  1. alaspäin, alaspäin vievä

  2. alas

  3. viettävä

  1. alaspäin

  2. laskeva

downward englanniksi

  1. Toward a lower level, whether in physical space, in a hierarchy, or in amount or value.

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  7. At a lower level.

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  9. southward

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  11. Moving, sloping or oriented downward.

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  13. (RQ:Thomson Spring) in the Western Sky, the downward SunLooks out illustrious from amid the FlushOf broken Clouds (..)

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  16. (..) Therese saw a downward slant of sadness in her mouth now, a sadness not of wisdom but of defeat.
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  18. Located at a lower level.

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  21. (..) often revolving itself under the earth, river flows into the more downward parts of Tartarus.