suomi-englanti sanakirja

dosa englanniksi

  1. A type of thin south Indian pancake made from fermented lentils and rice blended with water, typically served with chutney or sambar.

  2. 2008, Aravind Adiga, ''The White Tiger'', Atlantic 2009, p. 141:

  3. I carried the Mongoose's bags to the right carriage of the train, then went to a stall and bought a ''dosa'', wrapped in paper, for him.
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  7. (inflection of)

  8. sin

  9. depravity

  10. fault, defect, flaw, sin

  11. anger

  12. hatred

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  14. a small box with a lid

  15. a small, roughly square or rectangular piece of (technical) equipment

  16. a control

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  18. a controller (from some early game controllers being angular, extended to later controllers)