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domino englannista suomeksi

  1. domino, dominopalikka

  2. hupullinen naamiaisviitta

  1. Substantiivi

  2. domino, dominopalikka, dominonappula

  3. domino

  4. naamiaisasu

  5. naamio

  6. Verbi

domino englanniksi

  1. dominoes

  2. Domino

  1. A tile divided into two squares, each having 0 to 6 (or sometimes more) dots or pips (as in dice), used in the game of dominoes. (defdate)

  2. A country that is expected to react to events in a neighboring country, according to the effect.

  3. A masquerade costume consisting of a hooded robe and a mask covering the upper part of the face.

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  5. 1749, Henry Fielding, ''Tom Jones'', Folio Society 1973, p. 485:

  6. all the women were desirous of having the bundle immediately opened; which operation was at length performed by little Betsy, with the consent of Mr Jones: and the contents were found to be a domino, a mask, and a masquerade ticket.
  7. 1983, (w), ''Sebastian'', Faber & Faber 2004 (''Avignon Quintet''), p. 1007:

  8. Then he hunted for the black carnival domino, supposing that it was the appropriate thing for a penitent to wear.
  9. The mask itself.

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  11. The person wearing the costume.

  12. A polyomino made up of two squares.

  13. A mistake in performing.

  14. 1932, ''The Musical Times and Singing-class Circular'' (page 263)

  15. Any player is liable to make a 'domino' — that is to say, he goes wool-gathering and continues to play when everyone else has stopped. If he does so at a grown-up concert the fault is irredeemable (..)
  16. To collapse in the manner of dominoes.

  17. 2010, ''Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey'' (ISBN), page 107:

  18. A dismasting often means the dominoing of one mast into the other, down through the decks, cannoning the cargo through the hull below, and sinking the ship very quickly.
  19. To cause to collapse in the manner of dominoes.

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  21. dominoes

  22. dominoes

  23. a domino (gloss)

  24. a domino set

  25. a domino tile

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  33. dominoes; a type of game

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