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dolor englannista suomeksi

  1. tuska
  1. Substantiivi

dolor englanniksi

  1. Sorrow, grief, misery or anguish.

  2. A unit of pain used to theoretically weigh people's outcomes.

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  4. pain

  5. pain of a continuing nature, especially that of rheumatism

  6. sorrow or grief of a continuing nature

  7. pain; ache

  8. pain, ache, hurt

  9. anguish, grief, sorrow

  10. indignation, resentment, anger

  11. pain; suffering

  12. pain, ache, aching soreness, tenderness (gloss)

  13. (uxi)

  14. grief

  15. sorrow, hurt, pain, suffering (gloss)

  16. sore (gloss)

  17. heartache