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doctor englannista suomeksi

  1. lääkärileikki

  2. hoitaa

  3. lääkäri

  4. korjata

  5. peukaloida

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tohtori

  3. Verbi

  4. tohtoroida

doctor englanniksi

  1. Doctor

  1. A physician; a member of the medical profession; one who is trained and licensed to heal the sick or injured. The final examination and qualification may award a doctor degree in which case the post-nominal letters are Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine|D.O., DPM, of Medicine|M.D., DMD, DDS, in the US or MBBS in the UK.

  2. ''If you still feel unwell tomorrow, see your doctor.''

  3. (RQ:Shakespeare Cymbeline )

  4. A person who has attained a doctorate, such as a Ph.D. or Th.D. or one of many other degrees conferred by a college or university.

  5. A veterinarian; a medical practitioner who treats non-human animals.

  6. (non-gloss definition) a person who has special knowledge or talents to manipulate or arrange transactions.

  7. A teacher; one skilled in a profession or a branch of knowledge; a learned man.

  8. (RQ:Latimer Lords Prayer)

  9. (RQ:Bacon Essayes)

  10. Any mechanical contrivance intended to remedy a difficulty or serve some purpose in an exigency.

  11. ''the doctor of a calico-printing machine, which is a knife to remove superfluous colouring matter''

    ''the doctor, or auxiliary engine, also called "donkey engine"''

  12. (quote-book)

  13. A fish, the skate.

  14. A ship's cook.

  15. 1844, William Robert Wilde, ''Narrative of a Voyage to Madeira, Teneriffe and Along the Shores of the Mediterranean'' (page 124)

  16. (..) old Scotch Jem the boatswain, tunes his fiddle, and the doctor, (ship's cook,) produces his tambourine; the men dance on deck, (..)
  17. 1881, ''The United Service'' (volume 5, page 212)

  18. His galley is small, and, microscopic as it is, it is shared by his brother in misery, the ship's cook, he whom the crew familiarly know as the “Doctor.”
  19. To act as a medical doctor to.

  20. (ux)

  21. To act as a medical doctor.

  22. 2017, "Do No Harm", season 8, episode 2 of ''(w)''

  23. Doctor Princess: Put this on. ''gives her lab coat to Finn'' OK, you're a doctor now. Good luck.
    Finn: Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! I don't know how to doctor!
  24. To make (someone) into an (academic) doctor; to confer a doctorate upon.

  25. To physically alter (medically or surgically) a living being in order to change growth or behavior.

  26. To genetically alter an extant species.

  27. To alter or make obscure, as with the intention to deceive, especially a document.

  28. To adulterate, drug{{, or poison (drink).

  29. To take medicine.

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  32. (l) (person who has attained a doctorate)

  33. teacher, instructor

  34. (Q) et validos partim prae se misere leonescum doctoribus armatis saevisque magistrisqui moderarier his possent vinclisque tenere,|trans=(..) and some let out before them strong lions,with armed trainers and fierce mastersto manage them and hold them in restraints,

  35. catechist

  36. doctor (Ph.D.)

  37. physician

  38. (syn)