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distributive englannista suomeksi

  1. jakelu-, jakava

  1. distributiivinen

  2. jako / jako-, distributiivinen

  3. Substantiivi

distributive englanniksi

  1. Relating to distribution.

  2. Tending to distribute; serving to divide and assign in portions; dealing a proper share to each.

  3. (RQ:Swift Advancement of Religion)

  4. A property of functions that have a rule describing how the function can be performed to the individual components of another operation.

  5. If function ''f'' is distributive with respect to function ''g'', then f(a, g(b,c)) = g(f(a,b), f(a,c)).

    If the operation \star is distributive with respect to the operation \circ, then a \star (b \circ c) = (a \star b) \circ (a \star c) .

  6. Assigning the species of a general term.

  7. Expressing separation; denoting a taking singly, not collectively.

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  9. case

  10. A distributive adjective or pronoun.

  11. A distributive numeral.

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  14. (sv-adj-form-abs-def-m)