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discussion englannista suomeksi

  1. keskustelu

  2. tarkastelu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. keskustelu conversation, väittely debate

  3. pohdinta, diskussio, syventävä osio">syventävä osio

discussion englanniksi

  1. Conversation or debate concerning a particular topic.

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  3. Text giving further detail on a subject.

  4. (quote-journal)|isbn= 9783110363029 |passage= The question of the plausibility of the counter-factual is seen as key in all three discussions of allohistorical fiction (as it is in Demandt's and Ferguson's examinations of allohistory) (cf. Rodiek 25–26; Ritter 15–16; Helbig 32).

  5. The dispersion of a tumour.

  6. debate, argument (gloss)

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  8. argument, (q) fight, row (gloss)

  9. conversation, discussion (gloss)

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