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disciplinary englannista suomeksi

  1. oppisuunnan

  2. kurinpidollinen, kuri-

  1. kuri-">kuri-, kurinpito-">kurinpito-, kurinpidollinen

  2. disiplinaarinen

  3. Substantiivi

disciplinary englanniksi

  1. Having to do with discipline, or with the imposition of discipline.

  2. ''Debt can motivate or act as a disciplinary force for executives to achieve organizational efficiency.''

  3. For the purpose of imposing punishment.

  4. ''The school has announced that it will take disciplinary measures against the students who participated in the protest activities.''

  5. Of or relating to an academic of study.

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  7. ''We hope that psychologists will applaud good studies of scientific behavior and thought regardless of the disciplinary specialty of the author.''

  8. A disciplinary action.