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directive englannista suomeksi

  1. toimintaohje, direktiivi

  2. ohjaava

  1. ohjaava, määräävä, johtava

  2. direktiivinen

  3. Substantiivi

  4. toimintaohje, ohje, ohjesääntö

  5. määräys, direktiivi

  6. direktiivi

directive englanniksi

  1. that directs; serving to direct, indicate, or guide

  2. 2002, Colin Gray, ''Enterprise and Culture'' (page 54)

  3. A directive management style is stronger among owners with 'lifestyle' as a business objective than among those with business/economic objectives.
  4. relating to the case

  5. An instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal.

  6. A construct in code that indicates how it should be processed but is not necessarily part of the program to be run.

  7. An authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force.

  8. A form of legislative act addressed to the states. The directive binds the member state to reach certain objectives in their national legislation.

  9. The case.

  10. (feminine singular of)

  11. directive, general instructions, guideline