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dimensionality englannista suomeksi

  1. ulotteisuus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ulotteisuus

  3. dimensionaalisuus

dimensionality englanniksi

  1. The state or characteristic of possessing dimensions.

  2. The number of dimensions something has.

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  4. That is to say, it is the Analogue of Space, not in the sense in which we formerly regarded Space as the ''negation'' of Matter; but in the sense of ''Infinite Dimensionality'', or of Dimensionality in all directions, as a vague generalization from the three spatial dimensions ''Length'', ''Breadth'', and ''Thickness''.
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  6. This often happens, for example, when a two-dimensional solution is obtained for data whose appropriate dimensionality is higher.
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  8. Finite Dimensionality of de Rham Cohomology:
    ''Proposition 5.3.1.'' If the manifold M has a finite good cover, then its cohomology is finite dimensional.
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  10. As well as the low dimensionality of the Bloch electron states,(..)
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  12. The difficulties in implementing classification algorithms as is, on high volume databases, derives from the increase in the number of records/instances in the database and of attributes/features in each instance (high dimensionality).
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  14. The programming language does not impose any restrictions on the dimensionality of the arrays.
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  16. A vector v=(22,38,52,12) defines a four-dimensional space with a point at the stated co-ordinates, and so on to any dimensionality n. Vector spaces of dimensionality greater than three are impossible to visualise directly(..)