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dent englannista suomeksi

  1. lovi

  2. lommo

  3. tehdä lommo

  4. kolo

  1. lommo, kolhu

  2. lommoontua

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

dent englanniksi

  1. A shallow deformation in the surface of an object, produced by an impact.

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  3. A type of maize/corn with a relatively soft outer hull, and a soft type of starch that shrinks at maturity to leave an indentation in the surface of the kernel.

  4. A sudden negative change, such as loss, damage, weakening, consumption or diminution, especially one produced by an external force, event or action

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  6. To impact something, producing a dent.

  7. To develop a dent or dents.

  8. A (l), as of a (l), a (l), etc.

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  10. A (l) or a (l) in a (l)

  11. tooth

  12. tooth (saw tooth)

  13. tooth (gear tooth)

  14. tooth

  15. cog (gloss)

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