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definitely englannista suomeksi

  1. epäilemättä, varmasti

  1. ehdottomasti, varmasti

  2. päättäväisesti

definitely englanniksi

  1. Without question and beyond doubt.

  2. (ux)

    ''She said she wasn't coming, definitely.''

  3. In a definite manner; decisively.

  4. 1912, (w), ''(w)'' Personal Record/Chapter IV|Chapter IV

  5. It was really impossible on board that ship to get away definitely from Almayer
  6. 1916, Claud Field (translator), (w), ''The Nose'', (1836)

  7. And the Nose definitely turned away.
  8. 2003, (w), ''Once Upon a Time in New York'' (page 187)

  9. And these Elders were men of good standing in that community, and they swore definitely before the counsel that this lady committed this impropriety, and there was nobody to gainsay that, except the lady herself, (..)