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deem englannista suomeksi

  1. olla jostakin jotakin mieltä

  1. Verbi

  2. pitää + essive, kokea + translative, uskoa, päätellä

  3. Substantiivi

deem englanniksi

  1. To judge, to pass judgment on; to doom, to sentence.

  2. (synonyms)

  3. (quote-book) In Two Volumes|edition=11th|location=London|publisher=Butterworths,(nb...)|year=1872|volume=I|page=380|pageurl=|oclc=34437025|passage=Section 39. Being found by a constable on a highway, street, ''or'' public place, suspected of coming from land where he has been unlawfully in search ''or'' pursuit of game, and game ''or'' nets, &c. being found in his possession ''or'' in a cart, &c.,—the justices deeming the game unlawfully obtained from some land.

  4. To adjudge, to decree.

  5. (quote-book), and by the Right Honourable the of India|Governor-General, for 1843;(nb...)|series=Accounts and Papers|seriesvolume=328|location=London|publisher=Ordered, by the of Commons of the United Kingdom|House of Commons, to be printed,(nb...)|year=1843|year_published=28 May 1845|section=section XLIV|page=11|pageurl=|oclc=941768593|passage=And it is hereby enacted, that in any zillah, in which the Governor in Council of Fort St. George deems it expedient to establish the zillah court, and the court or courts under subordinate judges or principal sudder ameens, at separate stations, it shall be competent to the said Governor in Council, by an Order in Council, to authorize the session judge to take cognizance of all criminal cases subject ordinarily to the jurisdiction of the subordinate courts, (..)

  6. To dispense (justice); to administer (law).

  7. To hold in belief or estimation; to adjudge as a conclusion; to regard as being; to evaluate according to one's beliefs; to account.

  8. (ux)

  9. (quote-journal)|magazine=Routledge’s Every Boy’s Annual|location=London; New York, N.Y.|publisher=George Routledge & Sons|year=1874|page=254|pageurl=|oclc=41635097|passage=To this sect belong also the Skakounui, or Jumpers. (..) They refuse to take an oath, and will not bear arms, deeming it sinful to shed human blood.

  10. To think, judge, or have or hold as an opinion; to decide or believe on consideration; to suppose.

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  12. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=Printed for Robert Wilson|year=1660|section=chapter VI|page=220|pageurl=|oclc=891493714|passage=Therefore had ''and Abel|Abel'' and his ''works acceptance'', when ''Cain'' and his had none, becauſe he was righteous, not ſo eſteemed of God while he was not ſo indeed (as Thomas Danson deems) who becauſe he ſo does, deems that God (as himſelf) deems thoſe and theirs to be ''good'' and ''righteous'', (..)

  13. (quote-book)|chapter=Second Treatise: Declaring the Nature and Operations of Mans Soule. Of Thinking and Knowing|title=Two Treatises: In the One of which, the Nature of Bodies; in the Other, the Nature of Mans Soule is Looked into: In Way of Discovery of the Immortality of Reasonable Soules|location=London|publisher=Printed for Iohn Williams,(nb...)|year=1665|page=18|pageurl=|oclc=606597890|passage=If a man doe really deem the weather to be cold, or that his body is diſtempered, he putteth on warmer cloathes, or taketh phyſick: although peradventure he is miſtaken in both: for his deeming them to be ſo, maketh him demeane himſelfe in ſuch ſort, as if really they were ſo.

  14. (RQ:Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress)

  15. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=Printed for R. Knaplock,(nb...); A. Bell,(nb...); J. Hooke, (nb...), and C. King,(nb...)|year=1720|pages=101–102|pageurl=|oclc=723518503|passage=Thoſe remedies that have obtain'd the Name of Antiſcorbutick, Antiſcrophulous, Traumatick, Vulnerary or Healing Medicines, and ſuch as are deem'd Sweeteners of the Blood, and Correctors of Acrimony, (..) have all in their turns been held in high Eſteem; (..) Some think the Cure of a ''Phthiſis'' is to be compaſſed only by Alkalies; others by Acids; abundance of Phyſicians are of Opinion that no Good can be done in thi Diſeaſe without Opiates, which ſome deem very pernicious; (..)

  16. (quote-book)

  17. (quote-book)|year=1853|page=110|pageurl=|oclc=31974969|passage=Some deem it sweet to wander far abroad, / And view the beauties of another shore; / Some deem it sweet to shun affection's road, / And haunts of them whom once they did adore.

  18. (quote-journal)

  19. An opinion, a judgment, a surmise.

  20. dumb person

  21. (inflection of)

  22. (pt-verb form of)

  23. woman, dame

  24. maid (especially a kitchen maid)