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dark englannista suomeksi

  1. pimeys

  2. hämärä

  3. pimeä

  4. epäselvä

  5. inhottava

  6. suljettu

  7. tietämättömyys

  8. surullinen, synkkä, musta, uhkaava

  9. sivistymätön, tietämätön

  10. salainen

  11. tumma

  1. pimeä

  2. synkkä, paha

  3. tumma

  4. pimeys, pimeä

  5. tietämättömyys

  6. pimeys

dark englanniksi

  1. Having an absolute or (more often) relative lack of light.

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  5. Extinguished.

  6. Deprived of sight; blind.

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  8. Transmitting, reflecting, or receiving inadequate light to render timely discernment or comprehension: caliginous, darkling, dim, gloomy, lightless, sombre.

  9. Dull or deeper in hue; not bright or light.

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  12. Ambiguously or unclearly expressed: enigmatic, esoteric, mysterious, obscure, undefined.

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  17. the dark problems of existence
  18. Marked by or conducted with secrecy: hidden, secret; clandestine, surreptitious.

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  20. (quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=I| passage=“Clarence, can you lend me three thousand pounds on good security and keep it dark from Connie?”

  21. Having racing capability not widely known.

    (Q)|(w)|page=65|year=1831|quote=The first favourite was never heard of, the second favourite was never seen after the distance post, all the ten-to-oners were in the rear, and ''a dark horse which had never been thought of'', and which the careless St. James had never even observed in the list, rushed past the grand stand in sweeping triumph.
  22. Without moral or spiritual light; sinister, malign.

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  24. Conducive to hopelessness; depressing or bleak.

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  27. Lacking progress in science or the arts.

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  29. The age wherein he lived was dark, but he Could not want light who taught the world to see.
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  31. Extremely sad, depressing, or somber, typically due to, or marked by, a tragic or undesirable event.

  32. {{quote-journal|en|date=April 1, 2014

  33. With emphasis placed on the unpleasant aspects of life; said of a work of fiction, a work of nonfiction presented in narrative form, or a portion of either.

  34. the air|Off the air; not transmitting.

  35. A complete or (more often) partial absence of light.

  36. (quote-book)|title=(w)| chapter=17| url=http://openlibrary.org/works/OL2004261W| passage=The face which emerged was not reassuring. It was blunt and grey, the nose springing thick and flat from high on the frontal bone of the forehead, whilst his eyes were narrow slits of dark in a tight bandage of tissue. .

  37. (quote-journal)|title=Out of the gloom| passage=solar plant schemes are of little help to industry or other heavy users of electricity. Nor is solar power yet as cheap as the grid. For all that, the rapid arrival of electric light to Indian villages is long overdue. When the national grid suffers its next huge outage, as it did in July 2012 when hundreds of millions were left in the dark, look for specks of light in the villages.

  38. Ignorance.

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  41. Till we perceive it by our own understandings, we are as much in the dark, and as void of knowledge, as before.
  42. Nightfall.

  43. A dark shade or dark passage in a painting, engraving, etc.

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  45. To grow or become dark, darken.

  46. To remain in the dark, lurk, lie hidden or concealed.

  47. (quote-book) |author2=(w)|publisher=(w)|location=(w)|url=https://www.google.co.nz/books/edition/The_Yorkshire_Archaeological_and_Topogra/9ZdQAQAAIAAJ|passage=To ''dark'' is still used in Swaledale (Yorkshire) in the sense of to lie hid, as, 'Te rattens rats mun ha bin darkin whel nu now; we hannot heerd tem tis last fortnith'.

  48. To make dark, darken; to obscure.

  49. dark (used especially to describe a form of punk music)