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dapper englannista suomeksi

  1. huoliteltu

  1. huoliteltu

dapper englanniksi

  1. Neat, trim.

  2. 1892, (w), ''The Slave Of The Lamp'':

  3. This entrance is through a little courtyard, in which is the stable and coach-house combined, where Madame Perinere, a lady who paints the magic word "Modes" beneath her name on the door-post of number seventeen, keeps the dapper little cart and pony which carry her bonnets to the farthest corner of Paris.
  4. Stylishly dressed, neatly dressed, spiffy.

  5. 1917, (w), ''The Man With Two Left Feet'':

  6. Going down the street, you would meet a typical commercial traveller, dapper and alert.
  7. Quick; little and active.

  8. brave, courageous